Zahard: Being the greatest true queen of Tower, it is clear one to Baam features heard of your

Zahard: Being the greatest true queen of Tower, it is clear one to Baam features heard of your

Although he didn’t seem to have people private grudge for the him and don’t appear to be lured to realize FUG’s attract to help you destroy your, so it easily altered shortly after reading which he was killed from the Zahard, who’s shown becoming a challenger off his moms and dads and get conference the information and knowledge Zahard, of which he easily had into the wrong foot when he angrily asked Zahard to own his denial of knowing their mom. Which have started thinking whether he would need to struggle Zahard while the his better opponent, Baam quickly started to resent also fear Zahard to possess his immense strength and skill also his apparently metal-fisted and you may powerful rule, when he taught problematic for a whole day to stand Research Zahard into the combat. When they fought, Baam in the future missing one worry he had away from your and you can struggled your fearlessly and you can unhesitantly, even saying a desire to struggle the real Zahard which will help prevent him having their tyrannical rule. So it also Zahard’s most other despicable strategies that Baam finds out possess close the newest enmity Baam seems into the Zahard.

Kallavan: While they only fulfilled both for a short while to the the enormous battleground, Kallavan informed Baam you to their master is probably dry. Baam requires Kallavan aggressively regarding how performed he understand Ha Jinsung, and you can Kallavan discussed him tearing his master’s case off and you will killing him. Baam who had been inside the denial instantaneously attacks Kallavan, however, not one from his symptoms did people destroy. Even during the a vital moment in which the crew needed to stay away from, Baam insists to stay and keep attacking whether or not the guy passes away. Baam resents Kallavan to own damaging and maybe actually murdered his learn. Baam escapes the battlefield to get back stronger so you’re able to battle your.

Garam Zahard: This woman is among selected Zahard’s Little princess. She owns Indigo by advising your whom produced him be in the world. She along with give your Arlen’s pocket, and informs your one to Arlen and you will V was seniorblackpeoplemeet-ondersteuning his mothers. She assists your get into Floors away from demise which has his heart to the him, which help your defeat Hell Joe.

Khun Eduan: Regardless of if Baam never ever found him inside the real world, Baam fulfilled your regarding the undetectable floors since his more youthful data. He saves Baam out-of Zahard’s analysis and pledges Zahard that he’s probably illustrate Baam and work out him manage to battle having your. The guy helps Baam by making your manage to control orb, and get facilitate him manage trend. Next, pursuing the race is over and you can Zahard’s studies states Baam claimed, and real Zahard will come in, Khun Eduan’s investigation gets their life up to conserve Baam of real Zahard.

Immediately after half this new pets was indeed sl having revenge while the a couple appears to have put up a cordial and amicable matchmaking, having Baam apologizing to have their choices inside their very first appointment and you will Yama expressing the guy enjoys Baam now let’s talk about his perseverance

Po Bidau Gustang: He or she is one of many ten high fighters. He facilitate Baam and his awesome cluster escape from FUG securely out-of the brand new workshop race. Gustang gives Baam next thorn and heals Rachel and also make Baam vow provide him anything out of Zahard throughout the undetectable floors.

Baam’s ideas for the her be seemingly out-of esteem and you will really love, regardless if he do accept she had the woman quirks if you are speaking regarding the girl which have Androssi. He observes the lady once the a sort private due to the girl support when he basic joined the brand new tower but begins enjoying the lady once the a good “great” person shortly after Lero explains to your the meaning to be an excellent Ranker.

Hatsu: Hatsu and you may Baam get along really and get an easy relationship. Baam assisted him fill-up their friends’ list, to which Hatsu featured grateful. Adopting the Immersed Seafood Check finished, the guy became agitated whenever Parakewl was only concerned with whether or not they introduced. Whenever Parakewl leftover making use of the phrase ‘dead’, Hatsu threatened so you’re able to destroy your. He considered in financial trouble in order to Baam and try the first to recommend so you can providing Rachel ascend the newest Tower. To some extent II, whenever Baam found out your “Devil of your own Right Sleeve” got outdone Hatsu, the guy apparently demands Rapdevil, which will show that he still cares significantly for their dated party.

Ja Wangnan: Wangnan accustomed worry Viole concise off cures. It’s unfamiliar what Baam yourself thinks about Wangnan, but Wangnan idea of Baam while the a beast (the guy called your a devil of destruction) due to his fuel and his awesome said mission. Due to the fact go out evolved, the guy read regarding Baam’s past in addition to existence pushed abreast of him. Wangnan believes very regarding Viole now that the guy understands Viole’s explanations to own fighting and you may seems to must feel household members. Immediately after he heard about Baam’s handle FUG, Akraptor pointed out that Wangnan has been around since very serious regarding screening and didn’t joke doing as frequently. Wangnan appears to be more concerned more than Viole, wishing to let your go his wants and you will alarming more than your.

Whenever Baam(Viole) must know you to definitely Arkraptor (and you can Prince) is ate from the White, so because of this is actually lifeless, the guy will get too upset so you can skip everything to him, and only trying to kill Light in the event he turns out delivering murdered themselves, claiming it’s a good idea than to reduce more of his friends, signifying Arkraptor was an important person and you can buddy to help you your too.

Ha Jinsung is even shown getting precisely why Viole has actually a whole lot liberty, towards Elders and you may Slayers scared of running into their wrath. Having fun with their influence and that off Mirchea’s to make sure the fresh new almost every other elements of FUG don’t have its way with him.

Both appear to have an oddly countless faith for just one other despite the lady part when you look at the Baam’s transformation to your FUG’s Slayer; that have Viole instantly suggesting to head to the girl to possess let despite Khun’s reluctance. It’s listed into the because they fight their answer to the new Heck Train one to Viole features done believe in her, shown by the their fees pass the Mirotic Protector. After broke up, Hwa Ryun notes you to definitely Viole are better to manage (not at all times for the a negative ways) than just other people, whenever you are watching how Rachel’s cluster doubted her pointers. She after reveals irritation within her interior opinion when he does not quickly see her while they are reunited towards train. She in addition to says he could be impolite when he attempts to walking earlier the woman in the place of claiming “hi” as he returns regarding the Invisible Floor features perhaps not viewed her to have a week.

The guy says that Baam tend to substitute equal place because the ten great warriors, Zahard, and you may Urek

Baylord Yama : They are an effective slayer of FUG, just who Baam decided to go to request assist in rescuing Ha Jinsung at first. They didn’t get along after they basic came across, having Baam difficult Yama in order to a combat to possess Deng Deng’s liberty and you can Yama reciprocally threatening that in case Baam loses, he’ll do the Thorn, eliminate him, and never help help save Ha Jinsung.

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